Mar. 28th, 2017

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My tummy hurts. And if you've seen the size of my stomach, you'll know that is a lot of pain. I'm not saying I'm fat, but NASA has been using me to calibrate their new telescope for looking at supermassive objects. I took a tumble on the stairs yesterday, and China called up to complain. That is how fat I am. Right now, my fat is sore and dragging the rest of me along with it.

I blame the clocks going forward.

And the daffs starting to go over. I need to plant more later flowering varieties. It is all well and good planting early flowerers to break me out of winter funk in Feb, but I need to have something to sustain me during april too.

And T-Mobile are right tea leafing rude-words. I'm having to get a new telephone as the old one really has reached the end of the road. Not that I use it much, but when I do use it I'd like it to work and to be easy to use. Current one is easier to delete numbers when you've put it in than it is to dial them. Anyway, I phoned up for the PAC code and they charge a pound a minute for that call. Then, while they do transfer the number (didn't ten years ago when I first bought this phone), they keep any top up cash that you haven't used. I'm gonna call the speaking clock or maybe prank call the PM of Dubai or something daft just to use up the credit before I activate the new telephone.

New one is supposed to be one of these smart phones, but the cheapest one available because I'm tight with cash, so we'll see how it goes. Supposed to be able to easily take videos and photos and transfer them to the computer without faffing about with little thumb drives or wotsits. I could go a pack of wotsits right now, except my tummy is too sore.

And I've just sneezed and bit me tongue. It ain't my day.


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