Jun. 30th, 2017

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Phase 2 of the massive book clear out has been completed.

I have been ultra ruthless in winnowing down my books into give and keep piles. I have two 100litre storage crates full of books to give away. I still need another crate to clear out the final few. And to find a charity to take them away. And I need to find a proper flatpack bookshelf to hold my still extensive keep collection. I've put up a lot of my folklore and natural history books to giveaway, many of which still carry bookmarks from where my depression kicked into high gear 10 years ago and I just couldn't anymore. I've also been ruthless with my Pratchett collection, and a lot of the books of his I've had I've put in the give pile. Mostly the "Susan" novels and the middle books of the Watch Era. His final books, of Unseen Academicals and Raising Steam are also in the give away crates. It pains me to say this, but they were not that great.

I haven't even found someone to take these books yet and I'm already second guessing myself. Being ruthless though; books that I haven't read in ten years and books which I just did not enjoy or did not finish are things I ought not to be keeping.


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