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Okay. I've been looking for a book all morning, which I still have not found because books can apparently evaporate (and breed, I seem to now have two copies of the Tyson Necronomicom, something I probably don't want to think too hard about there). However in the course of this I have shifted pile and shelf of book after book which I just no longer read and in some cases don't want to re-read. Some of those books have layers of dust on them so thick that you could write a sequel to them in the dust. They have pages worth of dust on them. There are books I thought I threw out a decade ago. I still have mangas from the time I liked mangas, which was goodness knows how long ago. I even have an X-files spoof novel (which I'm keeping, because it is still funny) but when were the X-files relevant? Actually I remember buying that one before I worked at Butlins Bognor.

It may be time to say goodbye to them. Long past time in fact.

In addition to the shelves and tables and floor piles of books, I have two 100 litre crates full of books. My task for the next few days is to go through all the books I have and fill at least one of those crates of books to be taken away. Then I have to find a charity willing to take them. I mean uplift them entirely. Has anyone else suffered from the too many books problem?

I'm gonna be ruthless with this. Only books I will read, or are of genuine sentimental value will I be keeping. I won't even be keeping all my Pratchett's novels. No keeping books because they are cool. My days of buying stuff for the cool are over. I'm too old, and also I have nobody to share the cool with anymore.

I still have not found the book I was looking for originally.
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