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Phase 2 of the massive book clear out has been completed.

I have been ultra ruthless in winnowing down my books into give and keep piles. I have two 100litre storage crates full of books to give away. I still need another crate to clear out the final few. And to find a charity to take them away. And I need to find a proper flatpack bookshelf to hold my still extensive keep collection. I've put up a lot of my folklore and natural history books to giveaway, many of which still carry bookmarks from where my depression kicked into high gear 10 years ago and I just couldn't anymore. I've also been ruthless with my Pratchett collection, and a lot of the books of his I've had I've put in the give pile. Mostly the "Susan" novels and the middle books of the Watch Era. His final books, of Unseen Academicals and Raising Steam are also in the give away crates. It pains me to say this, but they were not that great.

I haven't even found someone to take these books yet and I'm already second guessing myself. Being ruthless though; books that I haven't read in ten years and books which I just did not enjoy or did not finish are things I ought not to be keeping.
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Okay. I've been looking for a book all morning, which I still have not found because books can apparently evaporate (and breed, I seem to now have two copies of the Tyson Necronomicom, something I probably don't want to think too hard about there). However in the course of this I have shifted pile and shelf of book after book which I just no longer read and in some cases don't want to re-read. Some of those books have layers of dust on them so thick that you could write a sequel to them in the dust. They have pages worth of dust on them. There are books I thought I threw out a decade ago. I still have mangas from the time I liked mangas, which was goodness knows how long ago. I even have an X-files spoof novel (which I'm keeping, because it is still funny) but when were the X-files relevant? Actually I remember buying that one before I worked at Butlins Bognor.

It may be time to say goodbye to them. Long past time in fact.

In addition to the shelves and tables and floor piles of books, I have two 100 litre crates full of books. My task for the next few days is to go through all the books I have and fill at least one of those crates of books to be taken away. Then I have to find a charity willing to take them. I mean uplift them entirely. Has anyone else suffered from the too many books problem?

I'm gonna be ruthless with this. Only books I will read, or are of genuine sentimental value will I be keeping. I won't even be keeping all my Pratchett's novels. No keeping books because they are cool. My days of buying stuff for the cool are over. I'm too old, and also I have nobody to share the cool with anymore.

I still have not found the book I was looking for originally.
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I'm seriously considering getting rid of some books. I have two deep crates of them that I have not read for years (to the point where I have been using the top of one crate as a sideboard) and I'm now thinking that instead of having them gather dust it might be as well to pass them on.

Does anyone know of any ethical charities (i.e. no workfare abusers) who are willing to uplift books? Do any charities even accept real paper books these days, what with it all being electric now? I'll admit I have started using the kindle thing to do most of my reading now (not all, because I like some books with nice glossy full colour pictures of the subject at hand, like a catalogue of Green Man sculptures throughout Britain) but even before I got it I'd let my reading tail off for some reason.

I honestly do not know what to do with them. Suggestions? If nothing else, I could do with the room to start collecting all new books. I'll admit I've passed over several just because I have no room for them. Maybe the local auction house would sell them on for me. Most of them are pulp paperbacks, but there might be a bob or two in them. I really ought to go through the boxes and make sure there is nothing of sentimental value. Maybe take some pictures, if I can get the camera on my phone to work properly (still using 2005 vintage flip phone).


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