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I'm seriously considering getting rid of some books. I have two deep crates of them that I have not read for years (to the point where I have been using the top of one crate as a sideboard) and I'm now thinking that instead of having them gather dust it might be as well to pass them on.

Does anyone know of any ethical charities (i.e. no workfare abusers) who are willing to uplift books? Do any charities even accept real paper books these days, what with it all being electric now? I'll admit I have started using the kindle thing to do most of my reading now (not all, because I like some books with nice glossy full colour pictures of the subject at hand, like a catalogue of Green Man sculptures throughout Britain) but even before I got it I'd let my reading tail off for some reason.

I honestly do not know what to do with them. Suggestions? If nothing else, I could do with the room to start collecting all new books. I'll admit I've passed over several just because I have no room for them. Maybe the local auction house would sell them on for me. Most of them are pulp paperbacks, but there might be a bob or two in them. I really ought to go through the boxes and make sure there is nothing of sentimental value. Maybe take some pictures, if I can get the camera on my phone to work properly (still using 2005 vintage flip phone).


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