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"Why", puffed Neville, "are the classes being held in the great hall? And why is there a platform hung twenty feet off the ground for our desks?"

"I don't see why we have to clamber up ladders like Muggles to get to class, can't we use brooms!" A murmur of support came from below Malfoy, possibly the first time in history of Hogwarts the Slytherin had mass support from his classmates.

Finally the class had hauled themselves up, with various degrees of athleticism, and collapsed into their seats. Ready to greet the new Professor. The doors to the hall swung open and the students looked the new Defence teacher square in the chest. Silence rolled out across the improvised classroom, broken only by Hermione banging her head into the desk in frustration and quietly sobbing about the world not making sense anymore.

"Greetings class, I am Professor Optimus Prime, and we shall begin with discussing the proposition that freedom is the right of all sentient individuals, and that there is more in this world than meets the eye!"

Up in his office, Dumbledore sat considering Sybill Trelawney's latest prophecy "One shall stand, one shall fall!" and wondered if he had really done the right thing.
I have no idea where this came from.
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Why, yes. Yes it is. It also needs someone who knows about punctuation to cast their eye over it and show me where my Carrot Ironfoundersson style of punctuation has failed me.

A Deal is a Deal.
A Ranma One Half/Once Upon A Time - Crossover fic.
No spoilers beyond beyond knowing the basic set up of each 'Verse.
Genma makes a deal that he thinks won't cost him anything. There is always a price to be paid though.
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Feb. 18th, 2011 08:53 pm
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They said you can't properly Bash a character in a 100 word drabble. That is my kind of challenge.

So, here it is an Akane Bashing Drabble (Fandom: Ranma 1/2)

Akane smiled. Today was a good day, finally she'd get the respect she deserved. The womaniser and his fiancées, her sisters (they used arts for themselves and not for Akane's sake), and her father. He should have given her more allowance. So she cooked up some rat poison, bleach, cyanide and fed it to them. She didn't have to do anything special. It was just her normal cookery, they always said it was poison.

Ranma looked at the meal made by Akane, for some reason, tonight it was actually edible. Maybe being beat up by Gosunkugi had helped her.

I think I hit everything. Her ragemonkey status, her paranoia, incompetence with martial arts (got beat up by the weakest fighter), her cooking (usually inedible, but exaggerated to outright poison, then subverted as it turns out she is so bad that when she tried to poison someone on purpose she was so incompetent she actually cooked a proper meal) , her spoilt brat status...I think I even got her inability to notice the obvious. I think I've spent more words just listing the various standard bashing than I did in the drabble.
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With permission from [livejournal.com profile] daibhid_c.

Happy Endings, Hasty De-Materialisations: Martial Artists Edition
Doctor Who/Ranma One Half

"Doctor," said Barbara in a horrified voice, "what will I do, these age reduction mushrooms have made it impossible for me to go back to London? I'll never be taken seriously as a teacher if I look 16 years old, they'll think I'm a student!"
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And possibly a finish too, but at least it's help reawaken my creative muscles. What do you think, worth continuing, or should I move onto to one of my long dormant fics that need some love and attention. And so help me, I'll brain anyone who says both!
[Edit: Actually, I rather want to continue this, but should I?]
Also, what recurring crimes against grammar, punctuation and plot am I making? ) No Seriously, I need advice.


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