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I don't know if anyone is reading these, but my eyes started going funny towards the end and I got struck with cottonwool thought procsses. I'd be grateful if anyone is reading thise could read the concluding scene and see if the explanation I've written for the characters actually makes sense because I honestly cannot tell now. Just so close to having been able to follow my own writing, yet so far.

The fog rolled in, chill, thick and heavy, smothering all sounds around the docks. Traffic noise seemed muted, and conversations had all faded to nothing. If you peered into it, and you would have to peer very intensely indeed, you might have been able to see two figures labouring over a barrow of some sort or perhaps a trailer shorn of its tractor unit. One figure, the taller one seemed to be doing rather less labouring than a shorter and stouter one. Listen hard enough through the fog and you might just have been able to pick out their conversation…

“Here, Cheify, how much did this smoke machine set you back then?” The shorter, rounder, one asked.
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Well, technically yesterday's writing exercise seeing as it is now after midnight. It took me a little longer to type out than I wanted.

A trip around the lighthouse: part two.
Part one here: http://rhiannon-s.livejournal.com/914999.html
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Ladies and Gentlemen, we present "The Navy Lark: A Trip Around The Lighthouse. pt1".
Part one of two for a Navy Lark fanfic. Sorry it is late, and going to be in two parts. I'll finish it tomorrow, but even at 1500 words approx. it is still the best I can manage today.

A Trip Around The Lighthouse

“Everybody down!” Chief Petty Officer Pertwee yelled, somewhat unnecessarily, as small jetty attached to a giant cliff loomed out of the haar.
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