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Why, yes. Yes it is. It also needs someone who knows about punctuation to cast their eye over it and show me where my Carrot Ironfoundersson style of punctuation has failed me.

A Deal is a Deal.
A Ranma One Half/Once Upon A Time - Crossover fic.
No spoilers beyond beyond knowing the basic set up of each 'Verse.
Genma makes a deal that he thinks won't cost him anything. There is always a price to be paid though.
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Ok, due to the gravity situation referred to previously I've spent today parked in front of the computer trying to do some basic research for this d*mn story I'm trying to write. I'm still at the planning, working out stuff stage. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bekithewitch I have managed to get some sense of the main character (look I can't write mid twenties nice guys for some reason) and a few ideas that would take it up beyond short stroy length (I hope).

So I've been websurfing for some more background on generic celtic-esque folklore to pad flesh it out more. I've got the a couple of scenes worked out, some basic dialogue, a sense of the four main characters and a significant supporting one. It's all a bit loose, but it's coming towards the point where I'll actually be able to put pen to paper finger to keyboard button.


There are two major problems I have with it. Problem one isn't so serious, I have no title! Ok, I can provisionally call it something, but I like whatever I write (no matter how shite) to have a proper title. It really helps when I think of something if it has a decent name.

Problem two is bit of a serious bugger that could still hole the whole thing below the waterline. I have no location! This story calls for a real location, and it has to have some pretty specific things, a forest that's been in existence since at least the dark ages, quite isolated, only one or two major roads and sense of mystery. There have been a few candidates, New Forest, Forest of Dean, Dartmoor, a generic Welsh valley/Scottish Glen, but I just don't have the kind of knowledge of the area I'd need to avoid making a serious cock-up. Prolly the usual one of describing it quiet and isolated when in reality it sees more people than a no win-no fee lawyers office on an icy day. I'd like to write something, for once, that has a potential wider audience than the usual internet write-sites. I'd like to write something that does have a chance in hell of being published (or at least building towards being able to write something capable of being published IYSWIM).

Problem three (insert Spanish Iquisition joke here) is my old "what is grammar and punctuation" blindness. Slight dyslexia and being a product of Thatcher's eduaction system create a problem. I figure at least with the bad speeling the spill chucker can help, but I wouldn't know a split infinitive if it boldly went in front of me, as for punctuation... What exactly is a semi-colon for anyway? And when do you use " and when '?

And for some reason the research websurfing turned into an idle browse for the crap (oh yes it is, and TG crap at that) I used to write.

If you are interested it can be found here and more of the crap can be found here under the section marked Druid's Ring (oh god what was I thinking..?) which wont let me link direct to for some reason. I make no apologies for the fact it's TG fiction, it was the obvious hook at one point in my life (and if you're not with the programme right now go read my lj info bio, 'k). I do apologise for it being BAD TG fiction. I hope I've developed a bit since then. Ok, Death/Door was TG but a more mature (no not that sort of mature) sort and the two/three plot ideas I have at moment have no TG (ok one has, but I'm not using it) aspects whatsoever. Probably, unless it makes story internal sense rather that being like that stuff story raison d'etre.

Ok, I don't feel so hot again so I'm goona go watch Joey lie down with a duvet over my head.


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