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Why, yes. Yes it is. It also needs someone who knows about punctuation to cast their eye over it and show me where my Carrot Ironfoundersson style of punctuation has failed me.

A Deal is a Deal.
A Ranma One Half/Once Upon A Time - Crossover fic.
No spoilers beyond beyond knowing the basic set up of each 'Verse.
Genma makes a deal that he thinks won't cost him anything. There is always a price to be paid though.
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You know how it goes, whinge on livejournal you can't write, then go and bang out 1900 words in a couple of hours. I'm looking at it and they are seriously shit words though to me, but I have to admit my judgement is not at my best right now. Everything is still all beige. They are under the cut if anyone wishes to read. It's my laughable attempt at an entry for the under 2k words short story for the SFX competition. I don't even know if it's sci-fi/fantasy enough to enter it, frankly it reads more like one of those crappy old pulp adventure, King Solomon's Mines with the serial numbers filed off with a seriously telegraphed and contrived way beyond even what M. Night Shyamalan would consider as too hackneyed, plot twist. I was aiming for HPL/Robert Howard Conan-ish vibe, but I think I've fallen way short of my incredibly low expectations.

Oh well, make up your own mind about how bad it is )


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