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Is there any way to block an individual lj user's posts from appearing in group feeds? That whinging faced bastard from the Doctor Who comm is back again. I wish I could block their spiteful little so-called reviews from appearing in my feed.

They've waited since May to post a nasty little love-letter to spite as a review for the last episode. And they intentionally posted it on the very eve of the 50th Anniversary show just to make sure they got the chance to bring people down over it. They generously (/sarcasm mode) say "I am willing to give Moffat's Who yet one more shot", but the only reason for saying that is that rather than genuinely it a shot is to give themselves another chance to take potshots at it.

I would place good money that they've already got a spiteful little "review" already typed up and are just waiting for the broadcast to fit the details around their petty insults and whinging moans. They are probably relishing the chance to play Captain-Comedown on the show's 50th anniversary, to taint the memory of the show for as many people as possible and play the assassin of joy and happiness. I truly wish that fucking dickhead, that complete prick, would fuck off and go find some other fandom to carp in. They are guaranteed to never be happy when being such a miserable git is so much fun for them. If they were as truly disappointed as they claim, they would have fucked off and left well long before now.

I was going to post this in the comm in reply, but that would be unfair to the other comm readers and make me no better than the areswipe in question. Plus all I want to say boils down to: "Go fuck off you nasty little tosspot" and that really doesn't make for good reading.


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