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Birthdate:Dec 26
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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I am.

Now, personally I think "I am" is a perfectly adequate bio, but I'm told not.

So lets see.

I may or may not be a scary person, it's all subjective really, one persons HP Lovecraft is another's Friday the 13th part five million after all.

Oh, HP Lovecraft, yes I have disturbing fascination for all things Cthulhu and tentacled, however a look at my interests should tell you that.

Actually why not just look at my interests, it'll tell you so much more about me than this will.

It'll tell you that I've struggled with and am still struggling with depression. I'm also a bit of an incurable romantic, and that I've got an odd sense of humour and the attention span of a magpie (ooh shiny).

Other 'fascinating' facts, I'm addicted to web memes, my fave colour is either blue or orange depending on mood and the season of the year I associate with is Autumn. Which is odd, because despite liking autumn, I do try to appreciate it from my comfy chair looking out the window. But then that's just me with the great outdoors, in fact if you want to get me interested in the great outdoors, you'll need to wall it in, roof it over, install carpeting and electricity. We've spent a million years evolving our species away from the bloody stuff an I for one can take the hint.

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Current Earth-Destruction Status

This does not mean you copy it as right as you can!
Everything published in this journal is considered private and not to be reproduced by any means, electronic, physical, telepathic or single molecular transfer (or anything else we haven't discovered yet).

Ignoring this leaves you open to possible legal action and/or the attentions of large men with big sticks with nails in them.
This means YOU</center>

Interests (134):

(random brackets), a-blast art, afp, after school nightmare, anime, annoying evangelists, antidisestablishmentarianism, aquilegias, autumn, autumn nights, ayrshire, beaches, bee garden, bee gardening, being bored, bizarre stuff, blackadder, blizzards, bloody harry potter, bloopwatch, bonfires, books, brian blessed, candlelight, cardoons, celtic history, chilli, classic daleks, clyde1, coffee, conan, creative writing, cuddling stephen fry, darwin, david caruso is camp, depression, discworld, doctor who, dragons, due south, eerie cuties, eris, failing miserably, falling leaves, fan-fic, fanfic, fantasy fiction, ferns, fiat panda, freaky plush toys, frosty mornings, fuku-fic, gardening, giving up, godzilla, godzilla slash fic, green & blacks, halloween, hating nestle, hello cthulhu, herbal teas, hibiki-chan, history, hot chocolate, hot tea, hot vimto, hp lovecraft, hugs, hyborean age, if, incompetent angels, isolation, ithaca, japanese gardening, john munch, juliet e mckenna, juliet e. mckenna, jusenkyo, knightmare, labyrinth, lonely werewolf girl, low self-esteem, matilda, me-tan, mini metro, moomins, morgan aeromax, mulled wine, mythology, neon gender evangelion, neon genesis evangelion, nuke from orbit, obscure interests, october, opposite sex clones, plants, plush toys, pointless worrying, politics, polynesian myths, prague, random gardening, random insane moments, ranma, ranma 1/2, ranma fic, ranma-chan, reading, red river (manga), rivers of london, rumiko takahashi, ryouga-chan, sailor nothing, sailor ranko, sarcasm and irony, scary plush toys, sci-fi, science fiction, simon r green, something positive, stress, tentacles, terry pratchett, the navy lark, the planets suite, the word "whatever", thermonuclear devastation, thunderstorms, trees, uk.religion.pagan, unexplained health problems, unexploded footnotes, weird, wychwood beers
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