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Taken to A&E on Monday with some sort of abdominal pain. After two days of being pumped full of industrial strength antibiotics and being poked and prodded, I've been returned home with a doggy bag of antibiotics and some new anti-inflammatory painkillers. Going to have an appointment to have a camera put up either end until they meet in the middle, at some point in the future. Nice to have something to look forward to, isn't it.

On drugs

Aug. 2nd, 2017 05:48 pm
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and hating it.

When you first start taking (legally prescribed) drugs to help control your mental state then the relief at not having a constant mental implosion in your head is just so overwhelming that you do not even notice that those drugs have a lot of nasty side effects. Then as you get used to them you start resenting them and skipping them due to the side effects. Which doesn't work because the mental implosion returns pretty damn quickly, and it brings all its friends. So you go back to the (legally prescribed) drugs. And you deal with the side effects, and you hate your own brain all the more for not just the mental implosion, but also for making you take all that medication, with all its own side effects that are less and less fun all the time...
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TV thinks that if it pushes enough sports programming at me then I will give up and start watching sports and not just turn the tv off. TV is incredibly wrong on this point.
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Phase 2 of the massive book clear out has been completed.

I have been ultra ruthless in winnowing down my books into give and keep piles. I have two 100litre storage crates full of books to give away. I still need another crate to clear out the final few. And to find a charity to take them away. And I need to find a proper flatpack bookshelf to hold my still extensive keep collection. I've put up a lot of my folklore and natural history books to giveaway, many of which still carry bookmarks from where my depression kicked into high gear 10 years ago and I just couldn't anymore. I've also been ruthless with my Pratchett collection, and a lot of the books of his I've had I've put in the give pile. Mostly the "Susan" novels and the middle books of the Watch Era. His final books, of Unseen Academicals and Raising Steam are also in the give away crates. It pains me to say this, but they were not that great.

I haven't even found someone to take these books yet and I'm already second guessing myself. Being ruthless though; books that I haven't read in ten years and books which I just did not enjoy or did not finish are things I ought not to be keeping.
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Okay. I've been looking for a book all morning, which I still have not found because books can apparently evaporate (and breed, I seem to now have two copies of the Tyson Necronomicom, something I probably don't want to think too hard about there). However in the course of this I have shifted pile and shelf of book after book which I just no longer read and in some cases don't want to re-read. Some of those books have layers of dust on them so thick that you could write a sequel to them in the dust. They have pages worth of dust on them. There are books I thought I threw out a decade ago. I still have mangas from the time I liked mangas, which was goodness knows how long ago. I even have an X-files spoof novel (which I'm keeping, because it is still funny) but when were the X-files relevant? Actually I remember buying that one before I worked at Butlins Bognor.

It may be time to say goodbye to them. Long past time in fact.

In addition to the shelves and tables and floor piles of books, I have two 100 litre crates full of books. My task for the next few days is to go through all the books I have and fill at least one of those crates of books to be taken away. Then I have to find a charity willing to take them. I mean uplift them entirely. Has anyone else suffered from the too many books problem?

I'm gonna be ruthless with this. Only books I will read, or are of genuine sentimental value will I be keeping. I won't even be keeping all my Pratchett's novels. No keeping books because they are cool. My days of buying stuff for the cool are over. I'm too old, and also I have nobody to share the cool with anymore.

I still have not found the book I was looking for originally.
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finally finished defrosting my freezer, took two days. Now I just need food to put in it.
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Channel Five promoting a ground breaking documentary on the causes of the Great Fire of London. Are they finally going to break the silence on it being the Terileptils?
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Temps set to fall a bit next week. Every year I say to myself that June in this part of Scotland, particularly the first couple of weeks, is a cold, damp, and blowy month. Every year I forget that too.

This is why I cannot grow tomatoes outside. Cold, damp, and blowy is a recipe for blight and we are guaranteed a blight week right in the middle of prime growing territory. You just cannot miss it.
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So anyone else sow seeds and forget you've ever done it? I have some large seedlings germinating in a plant pot next to my front door. I just do not remember sowing any in it, but with my memory being so shot I could 100% have put seeds in and forgot about them. I figure they have to be cultivated seeds because they have that thick fleshy look to them and large seed coats just hanging on their first leaves (I forget the proper name for those thick fleshy leaves) which just do not look like self-sown or wild flowers. I wonder what they will turn out to be?
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I'm still seeing sparrows gathering nesting materials out there. I know this year has been all topsy turvy in terms of weather, but it still seems a bit late for sparrows to be starting nesting.
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My freezer has two drawers I cannot open due to freezer frost. Since it only has three drawers to start with then it is time to do an empty and defrost. I hate doing that.
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Dear self: If you are making a cup of tea it is vitally important to actually put some tea in the pot as well as hot water. I am such an imbecile.
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Okay so the viewing order on Star Wars movies so far, excluding the two Ewoks movies, Life Day Christmas Special and the animated stuff which are all kinda their own thing, is still pretty much based on the Machete Order:

1: A New Hope. Still the best intro to the Star Wars universe, and for as long as the Skywalker-Solo family drama is the lynch pin of it, best way to set up the themes and motifs.
2: Rogue One. We've set up the Skywalker saga, quickly double back for a how we got here just to underscore the scope of the Empire.
3: Empire Strikes Back. It is the crucial part of the saga, this is the bit where the rug is pulled out from underneath and the whole thing takes its turn for the dark and personal.
4 and 5: Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. We're dealing with the outcome of Vader's revelation and setting up the contrast to Luke.
6 Return of the Jedi. Armed with all the knowledge of the Force, the Jedi, the depth of Vader's fall and the sheer manipulativeness of the Emperor, it is time to see the full contrast between Anakin and Luke, The Emperor and The Alliance, the power of Lando's redemption and finally bring this first section to a close.
7 -Tentative- Han Solo Origins Movie. We can't go straight into the new Star Wars setting just yet, we need an act break, so that we don't all feel the despair at the Alliance's star didn't shine as bright as promised and that Han, Luke, and Leia's happy ending kinda fell apart in time. Since TFA makes a big deal of Han returning to his smuggler roots and always wanting to pull his heists even as he becomes the Obi Wan, this is probably best placed here. We could put TPM here, but it would be more as an after thought than as part of an arc.
8: The Force Awakens. New chapter in the Skywalker-Solo family saga. New heroes, new villains, just enough ties to the old chapter to keep things spinning.
9: The Phantom Menace: Mirroring Kylo/Ben's revelation as being a bit of a Phantom Villain (not to mention Snoke being almost a literal one of these) it is time to go right back to the start again. We can see whiny moppet Anakin/Vader as the cute kid to help further bust the myth of of the cool villain Kylo wants to be and see how Palpatine got his hooks into everyone comparing Snoke to him. Also it is far enough from ANH, Empire, and Jedi to really lay into Yoda and Obi Wan's really major failings at the supposed height of their powers even pre-Palpatine without harshing everyone's feels about their memory. Ties up pretty much the last loose ends of the old era, and possibly lays ground for Rey's supposed possible connection to Obi Wan as the next major family in the saga.
10: The Last Jedi...probably.
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There was a clip of some show on tv, they showed an actor with crazy eyes which I vaguely recognised. I just could not bring his name to mind for the life of me though. So I google actor with crazy eyes. And Alfred Molina's name popped right up and it was him. Way to go google and crazy eyes dude.
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I accidentally clicked onto a news-site and saw some headlines before I could click off again. Too slow on the backbutton. My mental health just imploded, again.
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Smoked ham hock was the stock I used. Onion and celery were in it too. Still not sure on the tomato portion or the bulking though. Possibly carrots?  Is anyone reading? Does any of this sound right?
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I've been sitting for ages trying to remember a recipe for spicy tomato soup that I used to regularly make. Literally the only part I can remember of it is that it took two birds eye peppers, or possibly scotch bonnet peppers. I cannot remember any of the other ingredients. I mean obviously there is tomatoes, but were they canned or did I use fresh? I cannot remember. Did I make my own stock, or was it stock cube? I'm sure there was a veg of some sort, could it have been potato? Would I have used potato as a thickener? Why can I not remember? I feel like so many of my memories are slipping away. I don't know what to do. I've checke some recipes on the net but none of them ring a bell. My brain feels smothered and coated in fog,

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Apr. 13th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Wed, 12:37: @MarkAvery Hi. Is there prob with website? I go to main page and just get a white page it "pageok" in the top left. tried clearing cookies
  • Wed, 20:09: Petition: Lobster Pots and Small Craft Safety – time to change the rules! https://t.co/sjstEkZ71L
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So finally leaving livejournal. I do not really want to and I'll still be reading my lj friends journal and posting and reading via lj, for now. I don't know what has happened over there, but the uncertainty of the Russian server and the LGBT restrictions have me worried. I wish lj had never been sold to the Russians in the first place. Too much uncertainty for me, I don't handle change well. I'm still getting over them withdrawing the half pence coin, for example. It is a pity. Lj saved my life, I'm certain of that. It was also my first home on the internet proper. I mean there was alt.fan.pratchett and uk.religion.pagan but those have long bit the dust, lj was a constant; and now it is not.


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