Apr. 26th, 2017

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I've been sitting for ages trying to remember a recipe for spicy tomato soup that I used to regularly make. Literally the only part I can remember of it is that it took two birds eye peppers, or possibly scotch bonnet peppers. I cannot remember any of the other ingredients. I mean obviously there is tomatoes, but were they canned or did I use fresh? I cannot remember. Did I make my own stock, or was it stock cube? I'm sure there was a veg of some sort, could it have been potato? Would I have used potato as a thickener? Why can I not remember? I feel like so many of my memories are slipping away. I don't know what to do. I've checke some recipes on the net but none of them ring a bell. My brain feels smothered and coated in fog,
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Smoked ham hock was the stock I used. Onion and celery were in it too. Still not sure on the tomato portion or the bulking though. Possibly carrots?  Is anyone reading? Does any of this sound right?
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I accidentally clicked onto a news-site and saw some headlines before I could click off again. Too slow on the backbutton. My mental health just imploded, again.


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